Meet the WOW Auto Care Team of Experts

We started out as “Wrench on Wheels” and stuck with that winning philosophy of total care and convenience. Our talent for servicing and maintaining vehicles throughout the Poway, CA area has allowed WOW Auto Care to grow head-and-shoulders above other brick-and-mortar shops. Our shop has even been featured in Ratchet + Wrench as a quality repair shop. Expert automotive counsel is also a benefit of being part of our family of customers. Give us a call today at 858-748-3500 to schedule a repair or maintenance service appointment. We look forward to your call or your visit!

Years of Experience:20 years

Length of Time at Wow:8.5 years

Enjoys:Off-roading, camping, road trips with family, racing cars, building trucks

David Pike

CEO, Owner

Years of Experience:4 years

Length of Time at Wow:4.5 years

Enjoys:Yoga, spending time with family, camping, going to the beach

Liv Pike

Director of Operations, Owner

Years of Experience:15 years

Length of Time at Wow:7 years

Enjoys:Off-roading, going to the desert, spending time with his daughters

Nolan Pike

Supervisor, Owner

Years of Experience:10 years

Length of Time at Wow:3.5 years

Enjoys:Anything outdoors, camping, fishing, traveling, shooting, off-roading, helping his wife with her business

Erik Norgard

ASE Master Technician

Years of Experience:7 years

Length of Time at Wow:1 year

Enjoys:Family time, project cars

Joseph Cousin

ASE Certified Technician

Years of Experience:19 years

Length of Time at Wow:2 years

Enjoys:Off-roading, fishing, hunting, camping, desert

Dan Sachse

Alignment Technician

Years of Experience:11 years

Length of Time at Wow:1 year

Enjoys:Off-roading, shooting / hunting, camping, auto shows, snow boarding

Ethan Salas

Service Advisor, ASE Certified

Years of Experience:30 years

Length of Time at Wow:

Enjoys:Gym, family

Jeff Long

Service Advisor

Years of Experience:21 years

Length of Time at Wow:

Enjoys:Camping, off-roading, family time in the outdoors

Mike Matthews

ASE Certified Master Technician